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The RAG Report | Episode 28 – Ensuring you are ready for the world post-pandemic.

Chris Kendrick joins Sean Anderson in The RAG Report Episode 28!

Chris, CEO & Founder of Mercury xRM – Intelligent Recruitment Software a market-leading recruitment software based on Microsoft’s world-class Dynamics 365 and Office 365 platforms talks to Sean Anderson Personal Brand Coach and Host of The RAG Report about investing in your tech stack to ensure you are ready for the new world!

In this episode they talked about how COVID-19 has slowed things down for many Recruitment Agencies and for some, this is a great time to evaluate working processes and how you can use automation and data to have a competitive advantage.

Chris goes on to share some practical ways recruitment owners can take action during the downtime and also his views on where the role of a recruiter is going. He also states that the machines will become better and better at search and selection, automatically creating candidate lists and booking calls for consultants with prospects. At this stage, the recruiter takes over as the storyteller who can create emotion and influence.

Sean mentions “I thought that this was a fascinating point and one that so many will be interested to hear”

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