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Survey reveals recruiters’ fears over Brexit and talent shortage

Recruiters have expressed concerns over the UK’s decision to leave the EU following the referendum that took place last month on 23 June. We conducted a poll last week which revealed that 63% of recruiters are afraid it’s a bad thing for the UK recruitment industry. Only 10% of those surveyed felt that the decision was good whilst 27% were impartial on the result.

It has been well documented that the UK is facing skills shortages within teaching, technology and nursing and there were concerns reported that a ‘no’ vote could add additional pressures. 39% of recruiters don’t expect the shortage to have any further impact but fears were reinforced by 49% of recruiters who expect a worsening skills shortage now because of ‘Brexit’.

There are currently three million EU citizens living in the UK and it was suggested that they could be at risk of being deported in the lead-up to the vote. It’s since been reported that The Home Office have stated that following ‘Brexit’, non-British EU citizens living in the UK are not guaranteed and would be part of the negotiation and those who had the right to live and work in the UK would need documentation to prove their rights beyond an exit. 64% of the recruiters we polled said that they could be effected by this as they have EU nationals working for clients through their agencies without a visa.

Chris Kendrick, Sales Director at Mercury xRM, commented “the results indicate that there is obviously a lot of concern across the industry and the decision on ‘Brexit’ will only increase the war for talent, highlighting a continuing need for ambitious recruiters to have a modern recruitment CRM  solution to help pinpoint talent sooner”.

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