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Introducing Alastair McGill

It is with great pleasure to introduce Alastair McGill to the team. He will be our Data Migration Team Lead 

Alastair has a decade of experience with data, from development to Analyst and Database administrators using Microsoft Solutions, such as Cloud and On-Premises. He also has hands-on experience using Oracle. His years of Management Experience and Dynamics CRM offers great value to our organisation. 

His role is to lead the integrations team and their objective is to ensure that data is moved/transformed efficiently, reliably, & accurately. Ensuring a seamless transition from the clients existing CRM to our Software, including the client’s data from M1 to M2 systems. 

Alastair’s Top Tip to any Recruitment Professional would be: 

“You should sign up to Mercury Xrm (Seriously, the CRM features are awesome)!” 

Please join us in welcoming Alastair to the Team.  

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