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Industry first certification for leading recruitment software provider

Recruiters now have access to rapid recruitment software that has not only been thoroughly tested to ensure integration benefits that outsmart anything available on the market, but Microsoft itself has awarded its seal of approval.

Certified For Dynamics

Mercury xRM Limited, the company that develops recruitment software Mercury xRM has had it Certified for Microsoft Dynamics.

As the only recruitment software to receive such endorsement in Europe, this is an enormous boost for the company and means recruiters will benefit from using a cutting edge cloud-first solution with seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Yammer and Lync. It also recognises Mercury xRM’s integration with CRM Online and enables recruiters using the software to access the very latest CRM 2015 functionality.

Chris Kendrick, Sales Director and product visionary for Mercury xRM, commented: “We’ve worked with Microsoft for over a year to ensure that Mercury xRM fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM so our customers have a solution that makes their jobs easier.  It is so often the case that technology and software baffles people and that the full potential of any system is not utilised due to integration and training difficulties.

“With Mercury xRM, recruiters are faced with a familiar interface, it integrates seamlessly, doesn’t require long training sessions and really is a quick, effective and easy rapid recruitment software solution and, we’re not the only ones that believe that – Microsoft itself now formally recognises that.  We are absolutely delighted with the certification for Mercury xRM and, as we sit on the Microsoft Advisory Council, our voice and those voices of our recruiter network, will ensure we continually develop and improve our solutions to help shape the future of recruitment technology, in line with the backing and guidance of Microsoft themselves.”

Mercury xRM is already a Microsoft Partner and works closely with Microsoft to develop Mercury xRM on an ongoing basis, with multiple updates a year, which are passed to users via the cloud. Recent updates to the software have included a Client and Candidate portal, which enables recruiters to self-serve compliance information and supporting documents, and the company is continuing to work with Microsoft to help boost productivity in the workplace for the recruitment industry.

“This milestone demonstrates their commitment to delivering leading solutions and expertise for our customers,” said Rich Wickham, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

“We congratulate them for meeting Microsoft’s highest standards of software quality and earning the CfMD dinstinction.”

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