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Four in five recruiters dependent on technology

Recruiters are becoming more dependent on recruitment technology, with over 80 per cent currently spending over five hours a day using technology in a professional setting.

That’s the findings of latest research from recruitment software specialist, Mercury xRM, which polled one hundred recruiters on what it takes to be a modern recruiter. The survey, found that 81% of recruiters spend over five hours each day using recruitment technology, while a staggering 91% believe technology makes them a more efficient recruiter.

The survey, which was carried out at the Recruitment Agency Expo, found that 30% of recruiters thought that LinkedIn is the most important recruitment invention of the last twenty years, with email and recruitment software receiving 25% and 17% respectively.

Mark Britton, Marketing Manager at Mercury xRM, commented: “There’s no doubt that the upturn in recruitment over recent years has seen recruiters become busier than ever. What our findings have highlighted, however, is that through this upturn recruiters are still reliant on recruitment technology to remain productive.

Recruiters are finding themselves operating within a candidate-led market and as such it is vital that they feel enabled by recruitment technology. Recruiters must now work harder than before to retain their competitive edge, and effective recruitment technology is proving to be the backbone of this.”

While the survey examined the current recruitment technology landscape, Mercury also asked recruiters for their insight on where they believed future recruitment technology is heading. Some of the most popular answers given included: lie detector phones, artificial intelligence and holographic video calls.

As cloud based recruitment software, Mercury xRM is continually updated to respond to changes within the wider recruitment landscape. The software works alongside a number of external recruitment technologies such as Microsoft Office, LinkedIn and online jobs boards, enabling recruiters to short cut the recruitment process and drive productivity.

Mark Britton concluded: “With recruiters becoming more dependent on recruitment technology it is now imperative that increased integration between systems is enabled. At Mercury xRM, our cloud based recruitment software is able to drive recruiter efficiency further by incorporating a number of key recruitment tools, from online jobs boards to the Microsoft Office suite. Modern recruiters are finding themselves busier than ever, and with the industry showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, it is now important that recruiters are supported by technology, especially as technologies continue to evolve and advance.”

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