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6-Year Work Anniversary

Wow, 6 years! Well done, Fahim Vachaka. You managed to stay with us for this long, we are so glad you (and your “Fahimism’s”) did and hope you continue to stay with us for many years to come.

Over the last 6 years, Fahim has proved time and time again what a team player he is. Fahim has been described as a helpful, approachable, likable, and an all-round Family Guy! He has a great love for food (A mixed doner and chips from Big Johns, to be precise) This too was brought up a few times by his work colleagues! So it must be true!

“Personable and professional, Fahim is an asset and always dependable. That being said he didn’t know who Elvis was, so he’s great at tech but awful in your quiz team!” Chris Kendrick – CEO Mercury xRM

What’s a better way to celebrate 6 years on the Mercury Squad than to have an Old-fashioned Q&A?

Hear what Fahim had to say:

  •  Tell me about your most successful project

I have been involved with many projects during my time here at Mercury. The more successful ones I have been involved in was Red Sap Solutions. They were one of our bigger clients, and seeing them through from start to finish has been satisfying. We have some exciting projects we are currently involved in so stay tuned on the Mercury xRM page to find out more!

  • What has been your personal highlight about working for Mercury xRM

During my time at Mercury, I have grown as a professional. Having the opportunity to work with fantastic team players, has enabled me to gain several transferable skills. This last year has been special as I found a window of opportunity to gain a few certifications. I know how much I pushed myself and I was driven to pass those exams regardless of the work I had to put in. I would like to thank Mercury for giving me the opportunity by providing the appropriate resources to help meet them.

  • What inspires you? 

My 5 months old son! He has already changed my life for the better. We all could look at the year 2020 and will want it to go away. For me, this little man has lightened up every day this tough year has brought for most of us. I want him to stop growing up so fast and very much look forward to watching him grow up with my better half by my side.

  • Who has been your biggest role model at Mercury xRM?

Safe to say, Chris Kendrick. His passion and drive to take Mercury xRM to that next level have always been something I have been amazed by. I am glad I have been able to be part of that journey and hoping we can take Mercury to new heights over the years to come.

  • How long have you been working from home? What were the most challenging and surprising things when you first started? 

I have been working from home for the best of 6 months now. The most challenging part was gaining weight! Yet, I have started to get myself into a routine to treat breaks as I would in the office by going for walks. On the plus side working from home has meant more work getting done!

  • When Covid if over, what is the first thing you plan on doing! 

Cannot wait to go to Big Johns with the colleagues, they might as well roll out the red carpet when I turn up!

  • Who is the office clown? 

Safe to say, Jak Allday. He is a legend! 😀

  • Who is always late for meetings?  

What meetings 😉

  • Who is that one person you tell “You are on mute” when in a team’s meeting?  

Richard Clark, Kevin Flower, and our lovely office mum Linda!

A small note from all us here at Mercury xRM to say congratulations for putting up with us for 6 years! We will continue to support you and your growth within our business.

“Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but unlearning old limits.” Alan Cohen

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